Pinasil Island in El Nido

Pinasil Island El Nido Palawan Cave Cathedral Cavern Beach limestone rocks river resort package tour photosPinasil Island is unique to El Nido because of its unique attraction — Cathedral Cave. Cathedral cave is a cavern structure that reminds of some of the great European cathedrals. The entrance to the cave is rather small, and cannot be accessed by a boat. You can enter the cavern in a kayak or by swimming in. The inside of the cave is spacious and has a cool and regal feeling. Walls are made from the black limestone rock that creates incredible textures and formations. The top has an opening which lets sunlight through at certain times of day. When sunlight hits the cavern walls it plays with imagination in a way, and creates many unusual and magnificent shapes and shadows, evoking an almost religious experience. Grooves on the cavern walls are also where birds make their nests, which are in turn gathered by the nest gatherers, so called busyadors. Due to the natural beauty it has to offer, Cathedral cave on Pinasil Island is definitely one spot you don’t want to miss in your El Nido, Palawan trip.

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