Pavvu-Rulun Festival in Tuguegarao

Pavvu-Rulun Festival CagayanThe Pavvu-Rulun Festival is held every August in Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province. The Ibanag culture and tradition is showcased during this festival. Pavvurulun is an Ibanag word which means get-together. It gathers Tuguegaraoenos to a weeklong festivities culminating with a mass and procession of the patron saint on August 16. This festival honors St. Hyacinth, which is being venerated at the Ermita de San Jacinto. Pav-vurulun which means comng together allows all members of the community to join in the celebrations from the well applauded street dancing competitions, drum, bugle and lyre competitions, beauty pagent, agri-trade fairs and job fairs, among many others. The highlight of the event is the outdoor cooking and pancit eating contest of the Pancit Batil Patung, a local noodle delicacy in the city.

Past activities have included a trade fair exhibit and selling at the Mall of the Valley, Bangkarera contest along Pinacanauan River, Pancit festival featuring pansit eating contest, street dancing compeititon, battle of the bands to be participated by elementary and high school students, Nuang Karera (Carabao race) and Kabayu Karera (Horse race) at the sports complex. Also, a music festival has been featured featuring local bands and an LGU night honoring the people behind the yearly success of Pavvu-rulun festival.

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