The Park Pavilion at Quezon National Forest Park

Park Pavilion Rest Area Quezon National Forest Atimonan Quezon Location Venue Meeting Hall Wedding Reception Snacks Pasalubong Bicol Region Meals Highway View History Construction Facilities Restroom The Park Pavilion is located at the Rest Area of the Quezon National Forest Park in Atimonan in Quezon Province. Without a baon? There are available meals or snacks of your choice in the restaurant and food store of the parks Pavilion. The second floor is an ideal venue for meetings, family or friends reunions and even receptions for wedding or baptismal or just a simple stop-over after a winding trip. There is an ample space for parking just in front of the building. Atimonan, Quezon is a coastal municipality located 175 kilometers south of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the regional and provincial movements to Manila. Atimonan is located 173 kilometers (107 miles) southeast of Manila.

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