Panhulugan Cave 1 in Basey

Panhulugan CaveThis cave frames itself in an angular limestone cliff forming a letter “H” where its three main cracks serve to wit its form, its two parallel legs lying 50 meters apart and connected at the entrance by a perpendicular crosspiece. The cracks serve to be the hub opening for internal hallways. All portions of this cave are geologically active as evidenced by the constant drips of water from stalactites. The internal cave chambers measured some 49.2 feet high at the end of its leg. Its cathedral immensity contains a mismaze interior that branch out into many multi-leveled chambers and tunnels with an infinite variety of flowstones and rock formations resembling some familiar images of the outside world ranging from miniature of famous tourist spots. It is located within the Sohoton National Park in Basey.

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