Palagsing Festival in Butuan

PalagsingThe Palagsing Festival is held every August in Butuan City. The festival features a competition for the longest and the best tasting palagsing. Each province in the Philippines has a different type of kakanin ( snack made Out of rice, starch) which we definitely proud of Like Sapin-Sapin, which is found in Nueva Ecija. Sapin-Sapin is an attractive snack since it has different colors which is appealing to the eyes like violet, yellow, white. It has also sprinkled with Latik ( grilled coconut) then there’s a kakanin known as palitaw, which is found in Pampanga, palitaw is a kaKanin that floats when it is cooked. One of the kakainins that could definitely fill our stomach is the palagsing, palagsing is a type of suman which is colored brown and wrapped in banana leaves, it is found in butuan city where palagsing festival is held every August 2 each year. This festival is held in honor of the Adlaw Hong Butuan ( charter day). Get your stomachs ready for the main event of this festival which is the search for the longest and best tasting palagsing in town

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