Paguriran Island in Sorsogon

Paguriran Island BaconPaguriran Island is a tiny rock and coral islet with a shallow lagoon in its center. It is located off the coast of Sawangga in Bacon, Sorsogon Province. The island is mostly composed of sharp jagged rocks, a short sandy beach and a few vegetation. The island itself is picturesque with a lagoon at its center, surrounded by volcanic rock jutting upwards, resembling a volcano crater. Within this small islet is an aquamarine lagoon. Water is generally shallow except in some parts. This lagoon serves as a habitat to many species of colorful fish and aquatic life that others can only see in aquariums or in a National Geographic documentary. Although this island has been featured in several print media, it has remained generally untouched. Maybe this is one of the most unique characteristic of this island,because the visitors of this island, the tourist and the locals are more conscientious enough to protect and preserve this magnificence island.

Paguriran Island or Lagoon is a wonderful place especially for nature lovers. Paguriran is like a basin within the sea. It is just near the shore. During low tide beach goers can just walk by going to the island or lagoon but during high tide people should rent a boat to go to the lagoon. During high tide, the sea level can be as high as 3 to 4 feet. Paguriran is perfect for those who are fond of snorkeling. Cottages and parking space are just besides the shore to accommodate visitors.

Paguriran Island lagoon used to be a sanctuary for giant sea turtles or pawikan. Residents say there are plans to restore the pawikan sanctuary. At present, the waters surrounding the island is Bacon’s marine sanctuary.

There are two ways to get to Paguriran Island. By Land: From Sorsogon City go to the Grand Terminal Station and ride a jeepney en route to Sawanga, Bacon. Tell the driver to drop you off at Paguriran Island. The trip took us almost two hours. From the highway where the driver will drop you, take a walk to the Paguriran Island Resort. Don’t worry, it won’t take more than 10 minutes of walking. By Sea: If you are coming from Bacon District, take the 40 minutes boat ride to Barangay Buenavista and another 20 minutes boat ride from there to Paguriran.

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