The Islanders Castle in San Jose

Islanders Castle San Jose Dinagat Mansion Residence Owner Governor Glenda Ecleo Location Size History Construction House Hill Barangay Visit Tour Guide Corruption Politics Layout Map Driveway Islanders Castle is located in San Jose in the Dinagat Islands Province. Islanders Castle sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a mansion privately owned by Governor Glenda Ecleo. It is not open to the general public but they allow tourists to take pictures outside the gates of the Castle. Continue reading

The Cinco de Noviembre Revolution Marker in Silay

Cinco Noviembre Revolution Marker Silay City Negros Occidental Landmark History Political Movement Spanish Negrense Natives Republic Government Location Description Date Construction Monument IslandThe Cinco de Noviembre Revolution Marker is located in Silay City in Negros Occidental Province. The Cinco de Noviembre Revolution landmark was erected in memory of the first uprising of the Negrenses in Silay City during the revolution of 1898. The Negros Revolution was a political movement which established a government in Negros Island, informally ending Spanish control of the island and resulting in a government run by the Negrense natives. The newly established Negros Republic would last for approximately three months until the American forces arrived and took control of the Philippines. In Silay City, where the Revolution Marker is located, it was at this southern end of the street now bearing the historic date where the first exchange of shots took place between the local revolutionaries and the Spanish Continue reading

Amenia Beach Resort in San Andres

Amenia Beach Resort Palawig San Andres Catanduanes Location Water Sand Surf Tide Sports Mayon Bulusan Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing The Amenia Beach Resort is located in Palawig, San Andres in Catanduanes Province. The Amenia Beach Resort is a place to enjoy the vantage view of the beautiful sunset and where one could take a full view of the breathtaking perfect silhouette of Mayon Volcano and its neighbor, Bulusan Volcano, in the distance. Reeling with the textures of the sun, sea and sand, one can easily lose oneself and be drifted away while leisurely walking along the stretch of its powdery-white sands and dabbling in its undeniably tamed waters. Continue reading

The Quezon Memorial Park in Baler

Quezon Memorial Park Baler Aurora Location President Manuel Landmark Marker Replice House Casa Maestro Lucio Kilometer History Construction Visit Tour Guide Trees Lawn Walkway Barangay Province Size The Quezon Memorial Park is located in Baler in Aurora Province. The Quezon Memorial Park features trees and lawns and was developed in honor and in the memory of the late Philippine president Manuel Quezon. A marker fenced by concrete and set on a circular cement platform serves as a landmark of Baler, the birthplace of Quezon. A replica of the house where Quezon grew up could be found at Quezon Park (Casa de Maestro Lucio Quezon). The Quezon Memorial Park is within walking distance from the bus station at the Baler market. Continue reading

Man-Asok Falls in Buguias

Man-asok Falls Baculungan Sur Buguias Benguet Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide The Man-Asok Falls is located in Baculungan Sur, Buguias in Benguet Province. The Man-Asok Waterfalls is ideal for swimming, camping, and other outdoor related activities, and is a potential natural attraction found in Baculungan Sur. Buguias is located 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from Baguio City. Continue reading

The Tawang Stone Church La Trinidad

Tawang Stone Church La Trinidad Benguet Rock Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Wedding Priest Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship Congregation The Tawang Stone Church is located in La Trinidad in Benguet Province. The church structure was constructed mostly from rocks found in the region. The Anglican Mission in the Philippines runs the church with the members from the community. The location of Tawang Stone Church is ideal for a perfect view of the La Trinidad valley. The viewpoint area is also good for camping and picnic. The Tawang Stone Church is an emerging man-made attraction of the municipality of La Trinidad. La Trinidad is located just north of Baguio City and 215 kilometers northwest of Manila. Continue reading

The Pototan Cave in Rapu-Rapu

Pototan Cave Rapu-rapu Albay Bicol Beach Location Entrance Cavern Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Map River Spelunking History Discovery The Pototan Cave is located in Rapu-Rapu in Albay Province. The Pototan Cave is located just ten feet above the beach line. Inside it runs an underground river that flows into many chambers and passageways where you have breathtaking views of stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and sizes; and where geological, archaeological, cultural, historical and biological remnants exist. A subterranean river with a depth of 12 feet exists at this cave. Exploring the cave requires at least four hours of time. The Pototan Cave’s entrance is 30 feet high and is shaped like a yawning mouth. The Pototan Cave is located an hour and a half away from Legazpi City. Continue reading

The Daclan Landing Strip in Bokod

Daclan Landing Strip Bokod Benguet Runway Airport Military Airstrip Construction History Length Location Coordinates World War American Guerila Forces Debeng Lake Tael Layout Cave Elevation Width The Daclan Landing Strip is located in Bokod in Benguet Province. Also known as the Daclan Runway and the Daclan Airport, this airstrip was constructed by during World War II by Americans and guerilla forces from Bokod, Kabayan, and other nearby municipalities to assist in transporting troops and supplies to the region to assist in fighting the Japanese Imperial Army. The Daclan runway is located near Debeng Lake and the Tael Cave. It is a potential natural attraction found in Daclan. Continue reading

Yulo’s Park in Bacolod

Yulos Park Bacolod City Negros Occidental Location Ancestral Home House Don Alfredo Mayor Politicians History Construction Visit Tour Guide Description Architecture Center Social Recreation Province Yulo’s Park is located in Bacolod City in Negros Occidental Province. Yulo’s Park is the site of the ancestral home of the prominent Yulo family. The house was built in the early 1900’s and was the residence of Don Alfredo Yulo, the mayor of Bacolod City when World War II started. The Yulos is a clan of politicians who helped shape the structure of Negros Occidental – a premier province of the south. The park used to be the center for social and recreational affairs in Bacolod at the turn of the century. Continue reading

The Lus-ok Burial Rocks in Kibungan

Lus-ok Burial Rocks Tacadang Kibungan Benguet Location Tomb Cemetary Stone Hiking Trail Rocky Terrain Ancestors Tribe Barangay Tour Guide Visit Coffin Casket Lusok Boulder Size Length Distance InfoThe Lus-ok Burial Rocks are located in Tacadang, Kibungan in Benguet Province. These are potential natural attractions found in Tacadang. The rocky terrain of the barangay has allowed the community resident to make use of the rocks as burial site of their ancestors. It needs the approval of the people to open the site for tourists. Kibungan is located 62 kilometer (39 miles) north of Baguio City. Continue reading