Omakase Restaurant in Makati

Omakase Japanese Cuisine Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Restaurant Japan Sushi Menu Sashimi Tempura Nutrition Tofu Steak Tuna Salad Calories Location Hours Dinner Manager Contact Delivery Omakase Japanese Cuisine at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati, Manila. With the number of Japanese restaurants opening everywhere, it’s quite a challenge to make one stand out. Omakase seemed to have surpassed this stage because a lot of people have already been raving about the place since it opened in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Serving Authentic Japanese staple food such as the sushi, sashimi, and tempura are the usual favorites, but among the bestselling dishes in the joint are their take on the tofu steak, spicy tuna salad, seafood crepe salad and designer sushi plus a whole lot more. Another cool fact is that the term “omakase” roughly translates to “entrust” which means you have to trust the chef to serve the sumptuous food he wants. True enough, the resto does this for the guests.

The Omakase restaurant in Makati is open from 11am in the morning and closes at 10pm every evening. Their telephone contact number is (02) 467-3150.

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