Odiongan in Tablas

Photo courtesy of ischoolsvfaigao.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy of ischoolsvfaigao.wordpress.com

Odiongan is a progressive municipality in Tablas Island. Along with the modern development, it still has “Mother Nature’s” gift.

Odiongan is located in the Mid-western part of Tablas Island. The area is bounded on the north by San Andres, on the south by Ferrol, on the west by Sta. Maria and on the east by the Tablas Strait. It is an ideal place for scuba diving and water skiing with its waters stretching to about 17,400 meters from coast to coast. Historic Odiongan dates back in the Negritos belonging to the tribe of Juan Marikudo of Iloilo, Mangyans of Mindoro, Onhans and Nayons of Panay. In 1810 and 1840, Bantoanons, highly civilized and industrious group who exhibited unity and social awareness, settled but is often attacked by Moros so they look for a site safe from any outside attack of the settlers. This place, the COTA (Spanish word for FORT) was maintained by this civic spirited and deeply religious group.

Legend has it, that the inhabitants found an ODIONG (local term for arrow) struck to a tree so the story goes how the place was called INODIONGAN (meaning struck by an arrow) which later metamorphosed to ODIONGAN.

In 1885, a big number of Tagalong settled in Odiongan as traders having found the town as a land of opportunities. In 1896, Odiogan has its Revolutionary Government until the early years of American occupation. From the rich memorable past emerged a strong untied and charming people of the present and progressive town.

Odiongan has a total land area of 137.90 sq. km. The town has lowland and coastal area rolling hills, inner portions, and mountainous forest area at the interior.

The main tourist attractions in Odiongan include the Mainit Falls, the Garing Falls, the Tuburan Falls, and Poctoy Beach.

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