Natubleng Vegetable Terraces in Buguias

Natubleng Vegetable Terraces BuguiasThe Natubleng Vegetable Terraces is a beautiful terraced mountainside planted with cabbage, Baguio beans, carrots, and more. Motorists passing through the Halsema Mountain Highway notice this attraction because of its neat rows and upright trellises. Located at the heart of Barangay Natubleng, it is a scenic view seen from an elevated site along the Halsema Highway. It shows an illustration of the ingenuity of the Igorots’ way of farming in the uplands. It is spectacular view of the vegetable gardens in the Loo valley, Baculongan Sur and North and Anlimay including the mountain ranges toward Ifugao and the great Mt. Pulag. Viewing site can actually be anywhere along Halsema Highway within Buyacaoan and Baculongan Norte Barangays .The place is located about 90 kms away from Baguio City.

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