Naliyagan Festival in Prosperidad

Naliyagan Festival Prosperidad Agusan Sur Celebration Plaza Date Calendar Schedule Agusanon Culture Heritage Origin Costume June Independence Showcase Trade Fair Booth Exhibit Parade Bayugan Province The Naliyagan Festival is a week-long festival celebrated annually at the Naliyagan Plaza in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur Province. The festival depicts the Agusanon culture and heritage. Indigenous tribes in the entire Agusan valley will display skills and grace in dancing as part of their ritual activities. Natives from far-flung areas of the province participate in the festivity by displaying their skills and gracefulness in a natural way. The Nalyagan Festival usually kicks off with the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day anniversary every June 12. A trade fair showcasing the province’s s own products also takes place at the Naliyagan Plaza. Booths and exhibits involve the province’s 13 municipalities including the lone city of Bayugan.

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