The Nadsadjan Falls in Igbaras

Nadsadjan Falls Igbaras Iloilo Waterfalls Limestone Rock Water Location Basin Height Length Depth Barangay Hydro Swimming Nadsadjan Falls is a popular tourist destination in barangay Passi in Igbaras, Iloilo. The Nadsadjan Waterfalls with its massive limestone rock, measures 100 feet in height and feature crystal clear water gushing into a deep basin. The rough trail by the river that leads to the falls is dotted with giant boulders. The water drops in a giant cauldron which serves as the swimming pool. Its cool and fresh Prussian blue water attracts foreign and local tourists every year. The Nadsadjan Falls are located 39 kilometers from Iloilo City.

To get to the Nadsajan Falls, from Iloilo City Supermarket (Igbaras terminal), take a jeepney bound for Igbaras. Fare is Php 50 and travel time takes one and a half hour. From Igbaras town plaza, ride a motorcycle to Brgy. Passi, tell the driver that you are going to Nadsadjan so that he can take you to the drop off point. You can’t miss this as a hydro plant is being built there at the moment (April 2014). You can also ask the construction workers for direction as to where to head next.

From the hydro plant, you will have to walk the dirt road that is about 100 meters from the plant/collapsed bridge. Before entering the trail going to the falls, there is a small nipa hut/sari sari store in which you can ask directions from. The foot trail from the dirt road to the river leading to the waterfall can be confusing as it is narrow and faint… almost unused. You will know when you have reached the river by the giant stones along the way. Follow where the water is coming from and you will eventually reach the waterfall.

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