The Mount Makiling Forest Reserve in Laguna

Mount Makiling Forest Reserve Laguna Mountain Location Slopes Hill Volcano Elevation Summit Distance Kilometerhiking Trail Los Banos Bay Calamba Santo Tomas Batangas Province Barangay University Info The Mount Makiling Forest Reserve occupies the upper slopes of Mount Makiling, an inactive volcano located 60 km southeast of Manila. Mount Makiling Forest Reserve has an elevation of 1,090 meters and covers an area of 4,244 hectares, straddling parts of Los Baños and Bay towns and Calamba City in Laguna, and Sto. Tomas town in Batangas Province. The University of the Philippines Los Baños manages reserve for its scientific, educational & other values. Mount Makiling Forest Reserve is home to a large number of biological species, several of which are considered threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Of these, 62 species are endemic to the Philippines, with 14 restricted to the Greater Luzon Faunal region. Some of the species whose presence have been confirmed in the MMFR include the Philippine eagle owl (Bubo philippinensis), Philippine pygmy fruit bat (Haploncyteris fischeri), and the Philippine monkey

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