Mount Kilkili in Kibungan

Mount Kilkili Palina Kibungan Benguet Location Mountain Cone Shape Public Highway Plateau Camping Site Hiking Trail Elevation Summit Map Distance Kilometer History Barangay Volcano Clay Pots Soil Info Mount Kilkili is located in Palina, Kibungan in Benguet Province. Mount Kilkili is a cone-shaped mountain, and when viewed from the public highway, has a plateau on one side used as a camping site by the local residents. This mountain is a potential natural attraction found in barangay Palina. Because of its conical shape, it is believed that Mount Kilkili was once a volcano a long time ago. The source of clay pots sold in Kibungan come from the foot of Mount Kilkili. Kibungan is located 62 kilometer (39 miles) north of Baguio City.

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