Mount Banahaw

Banahaw VolcanoExperience a scenic trek to the “mountain of faith”, Mount Banahaw. Rising some 2,225 meters (7,300 feet) above the Quezon landscape, it has, for centuries, been an object of worship among the local folk. Situated along its slope are numerous waterfalls, caves and other natural formations, most of them believed to be sources of psychic power. The mountain is, in fact, home to dozens of peaceful religious sects, all of who profess their faith in Banahaw’s mystical quality. Mount Banahaw has a two-kilometer wide, 600-m-deep summit crater open to the SSW and contained a crater lake until 1730, when it drained to form mudflows. Similar events took place in 1743,, 1843 and 1909. A large collapse of the NE flank of Banahaw produced a debris avalanche deposit with a volume of 5 cubic km. The event lest a 8 km wide and more than 1 km deep horse-shoe shaped depression extending from 1700 m to 650 m altitude. The oldest deposits from Banahaw volcano are known as the Lucena pyroclastic flow deposits, visible on the shore at Tayabas Bay near Lucena City and at the eastern base of Banhao de Lucban stratovolcano.


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