Molbog Sulfur Spring in Marinduque

Molbog Sulfur Spring Mount Malindig Marinduque Thermal Hot Spring Swimming Inactive Volcano Temperature Water Size Healing Park Meditation Relaxation Visit Tour Depth Size Barangay Distance History Molbog Sulfur Spring is located at Mount Malindig in Marinduque Province. Molbog Sulfur Spring, also known as Molbog Hot Springs, is a popular tourist spot in the province of Marinduque. The spring is visited by local and foreign tourists alike. Molbog Springs is located at the base of the inactive volcano Mount Malindig, and the water of the spring has therapeutic and natural healing components. The spring is also known to heal some of the people’s skin diseases because of its water. The place is very beautiful with trees surrounding the spring you’ll feel relaxed once you take a dip in the hot waters of the spring. A very nice place to visit if you want to relax.

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