Minalungao National Park

Minalungao National Park General TinioOne of General Tinio’s Tourist attractions is the Minalungao National Park, located at Sitio Minalungao, Barangay Pias. Considered one of the few remaining natural environments in Central Luzon. The Minalungao National Park got its name from the words mina which literally means mine and lungao which translates to cave. With that being said, you should expect spelunking as one of the things to do. To complete the experience, bring your friends and set up camp, float on a raft, dive off a cliff, climb on a boulder and hike a trail. The Park has great potential for ecotourism and is awaiting development. Its pristine river,spring and unique geological features characterized by breathtaking rock formations, offer an exhilarating experience to discerning tourists. Because of its remote location, solace and refuge are bestowed to weary souls longing for tranquility and peace.

Practically a veritable paradise an ideal place for soul searching and communing with nature. This site covers the whole Minalungao. Protected landscape at Sitio Minalungao has a total land area, Barangay Pias, fifteen (15) kilometers east of the town proper.

The Minalungao protected landscape has a total land area of 2,018 hectares and is open for a Build, Operate and Transfer Scheme together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The access road leading to the park from the town proper is classified as barangay Road. The Road from Barangay Pias to the park is good condition. It is also accessible via Gapan City.

Take a bus to Cabanatuan City from any major bus terminals in Manila. If you ride the “via SCTEX” route, get off at Cabanatuan City Terminal and transfer to another bus for Gapan.

If you choose the “via San Miguel/Bulacan” route, tell the conductor to drop you off at Tinio Street junction in Gapan and wait for a Papaya- or Gen Tinio-bound PUJs. From Gen Tinio market, you can ask for a tricycle that’ll bring you to Minalungao.

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