Mercedes Fishtival in Camarines Norte

Kadagatan Festival Camarines NorteThe Mercedes Fishtival is held every August in Mercedes, Camarines Norte. This festival is a fishermen’s celebration of thanksgiving for the blessings and bounty during the seafaring, fishing expedition and fish farming endeavors. The fishtival is also a moment of retrospect and recognition of Mother Nature for having endowed Mercedes with a gift of vast fishery resources, magnificent shorelines and other aquatic potentials and the wise utilization and preservation of ecological balance for the attainment of environmental dignity and beauty. Locals pay tribute to Mother Nature for the blessings she has given with a weeklong series of events. Festivities include boat racing, street dancing, float parades, and various exhibitions. The mascot parade featuring fish and other marine creatures showcases the creativity of the locals. In recent years, numerous water sports activities such as the Paraw Regatta, game fishing competitions, and kayaking events have been held as part of the festival, highlighting the town’s potential as a sports adventure and ecotourism destination.

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