The Marmol Cliff in Tuburan

Marmol Cliff Tuburan Cebu Twin Marble Rock Location Stone Boulders Cave Barangay Province Hiking Trail Height Length Tricycle Tour Guide Visit River Stream Low Tide Camping Visit Climb Resort Info Marmol Cliff is located in Tuburan in Cebu province. Located at the northeastern part of the province, the Marmol Cliff is Tuburan’s famous gigantic twin marble rock offering any adventurer ultimate pleasure of experiencing the beauty of nature. The word ‘marmol’ means marble stone. The boulders and spacious cave on the side of the cliff had been useful for Filipino Katipuneros during WWII. More to it, this wide cliff which stands in different heights of over hundred feet with all its enchantment is also the spot where the Maria Cacao & Joaquin Tang-an Story lies.

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