Marian Place in Kutay Islet

Marian Place Reflection Meditation Shrine Kutay Islet Malajog Calbayog Island Samar Statue Lady Holy Rosary Beach Sea Ocean Cross Nativity Scene Archangels Risen Christ Chapel Wedding Venue History The Marian Place for Reflection and Meditation is located at Kutay Islet in Barangay Malajog in Calbayog City, Samar. Its main feature is the 22-foot statue of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary which stands on top of the islet. The area overlooks Malajog Beach, Barangay Malajog and the Samar Sea. It also features the Way of the Cross (which will have the faithful hike 49 steps up and 50 steps down), the Nativity Scene, the two Archangels, the Risen Christ and a Chapel. Among other events, the place has become a popular venue for pre-nuptial and religious photo shoots.


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