Manoc-Manoc Beach in Boracay

Manoc-Manoc Beach BoracayManoc Manoc Beach is located on the southern end of Boracay Island, located in a village known as Barangay Manoc-Manoc.

In Manoc-Manoc, you can look south across the channel to the village of Caticlan on the northern point of Panay Island. Caticlan Jetty Port is where most tourists arrived by banca boat when arriving on the island. The beach is windy the whole year. Manoc Manoc Beach is a busy place with a steady stream of boats from Caticlan unloading needed supplies for Boracay Hotels, Resorts, and other businesses. From Manoc-Manoc Beach on Boracay Island you will occasionally see experienced Boracay Windsurfers or Boracay Kitesurfers racing through the strong winds and currents -up to 6 knots- in the channel.

The other beach resorts around Manoc Manoc Beach also offer cottages at affordable and competitive prices, so you have plenty to choose from. Like the Yacht Club, the other resorts in the area offer additional accommodations including sports facilities and areas where you can engage in other activities like wind surfing.

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