Malabsay Falls in Naga

Malabsay Ecology Park NagaThe Malabsay Falls is a forty foot tall waterfall located on the slope of Mount Isarog in Panicuason. The Malabsay Ecology Park features swimming areas beneath the waterfalls, concrete windingstrings, foot bridges and pathways, cottages, and a plant nursery and camping ground. Located within the Mount Isarog National Park, this waterfall resembles the Pagsanjan Waterfalls, making it a very likely
tourist hotspot. You can also go over the ecology park that offers swimming areas just below the falls. There are also the foot bridges and passageways. And to provide a more
relaxing haven to tourists, cottages can be accommodated. And if you are after the excitement of the place, you can go to the camping ground or rather Go Green at the plant nursery. The ecology park is a development project to revolutionize Malabsay Falls and turn it into an eco-tourism spot without compromising its natural beauty. As soon as this project finishes, the Malabsay Fall Ecology Park will open its doors and offer visitors a more relaxing, greener environment.

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