Loran Station in Basco Batanes

Loran Station Basco Batanes Batan Island History Construction Coast Guard Military United States Airstrip Aviators Hill Long Range Aid Navigation Naval Facility Building Map Tour Distance Beach The Loran Station is located in Basco, Batan Island in Batanes Province. LORAN is an acronym for Long Range Aid to Navigation). The Loran Station was built in 1953 and was used to house a US coastguard detachment for operated for almost two decades. The Loran Station is located 25 kilometers from Basco. The Batanes Islands lie 375 miles north of Sangley Point* midway between Luzon and Taiwan. The normal morning flight path was north over central Luzon and the return flight normally diverted over the west coast to circumvent the afternoon cumulonimbus build ups. The Loran Station was located on the east side of the main island and the airstrip was on the west side at the capital city of Basco. Basco International Airport, as it was referred to by the Coast Guard aviators who flew in there, was 3000 feet long, unpaved and situated on the side of a mountain running from the sea upslope with approximately a 5-degree grade. Landings were made uphill. Takeoffs were made downhill and normally had a tail wind. JATO (Jet-Assisted Take-Off) was armed and ready in case it was needed for the take off. The trip to the Loran Station was an adventure. Supplies were transported by station vehicle over a narrow twisting one-lane road carved out of the side of the mountain. The entire Coast Guard Philippine Section operation was turned over to the Philippine Government in 1971 and the Coast Guard air station (in Sangley Point) was closed.

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