The Les-eng Rice Terraces in Kibungan

Les-Eng Rice Terraces Tacadang Kibungan Benguet Location Rock Formation Hiking Trail Pine Tree Forest Leseng Farm Harvest Season Crops Barangay Farmer Size Length Water Irrigation Kilometer Tour The Les-eng Rice Terraces are located in Tacadang Kibungan in Benguet Province. The Les-eng Rice Terraces are surrounded by rock formations. The Les-eng Rice Terraces can be reached after a six hour hike through lush pine forests in Barangay Tacadang. The trail passes through rocky mountains for hardy hikers and adventurous tourists only. This Lesang Terraces are a potential man-made attraction of the municipality of Kibungan. Kibungan is located 62 kilometer (39 miles) north of Baguio City.

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