The Lamanok Cave in Bohol

Lamanok Cave Anda Bohol Location Shaman Faith Healers Holy Week Tour Guide Enchanted Human Corposes Skeleton Cavern Entrance Red Hematite Rock Prints Hiking Trail Depth History History Discovery Info Lamanok Cave is located in the northern part of Anda, in Bohol Province. This cave is a preferred destination for shaman or faith healers especially during Holy week. This place is believed to be enchanted because of human corpses were found in the various caves on the island. Red Hematite rock prints were also discovered in the Lamanok Caves. Lamanok is 30 minutes away from the center of Anda. Lamanok Point is accessible only by boat or on foot and situated in Barangay Badiang. It is believed to be the abode of the stone-aged. A tour of Lamanok Cave costs P300, which includes the short hike and scenic views of the mangrove and snorkeling near the island to see the giant clams.

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