Lamanoc Island in Bohol

Lamanoc Island Anda Bohol Cradle Civilization Shaman Cave Manok Location Size Beach History Distance Boat Rental Tour Guide Fishing Badiang Resort Swimming Mythology Haunted Description Entrance Lamanoc Island is located in Anda, Bohol Province. Lamanoc Island is touted as the Cradle of Anda’s Civilization, displaying the beauty of unspoilt nature and rustic history and culture of early Andahanons. According to the folklore, the name Lamanoc was derived from the practice of shamans in preparing for their rituals in Lamanoc Cave. They usually bring native chicken (manok) as the main offering to their gods. This practice still lives on until now. Though shrouded in mystery and myths the beauty of Lamanok Cove doesn’t irk tourists who keep visiting the place. Whatever the myths, the place remains an idyllic location for sandy beaches and crystal clear sea and diving haven.

While visiting Lamanoc, visitors can either travel by foot or boat. When the tide is low, its possible to wade in the water and reach the island on foot. During high tide, tourists must reach the island via boat. These are the same paddleboats that the locals use for fishing. From the shore to the hinterlands, it takes about ten minutes. You can get to Lamanoc Island via boat from Barangay Badiang. Most of the packages for the Lamanoc island tour is around P300 which includes the boat, a tour guide and entrance fee to the island.

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