Lake Kayangan in Coron

Kayangan Lake CoronKayangan lake, which can be found in Coron island north of Palawan, is said to be among the cleanest lake in Asia. Surrounded by rocky mountains covered by green trees and plants. It certainly evokes an image of a lagoon one was used to seeing only in postcards and movies. If you’re expecting paradise, then you cannot be mistaken as the path towards Kayangan lake itself serve as a prelude of a satisfying visual least and all indication points towards making a conclusion that indeed, it is a paradise on Earth.Kayangan Lake is just one of several magnificent hidden lakes you’ll find within the island of Coron. A 10 to 15 minute hike via a carved path on a tropical rainforest will bring you to one of the most enchanting and cleanest lake in the Philippines. The water is very clear and calm, a perfect combination of warm seawater and cold mountain springs which reduces its salinity.

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