Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort in Virac

Kosta Alkantara Beach Resort Virac Catanduanes Governor Residence Location Snorkeling Hotel Scuba Diving Fishing Tour InformationThe Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort is located between two rocky promontories at one end of the white, kilometer-long Marilima Beach. The residence of the former governor of the province who retired here with his wife and opened it to the public a few years ago. The atmosphere of the resort is a reflection of the graciousness of the governor and his staff. The house is surrounded by a garden where the ex-governor’s wife lovingly tends some magnificent species of orchids. It shoreline is covered with fine white sand its pristine azure waters never fail to lure visitors to take a dip. It faces the mainland Bicol where one could take a full view of the breath-taking Mayon Volcano.

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