Karansa Festival in Cebu

Karansa Festival Danao City Karansa festival is a dance festival held annually in Danao, Cebu that is celebrated in honor of St. Santo Tomas de Villanueva. The festival involves street dancing accompanied with its famous basic step, the kikay, kurug, karag and kurahay. The festival is celebrated annually and with this celebration, the aura of the event oozes with happiness and prosperity for the town and for the people. It also involves pure dancing and prancing to the music beat during the festivity. Karansa festival’s name originated from the people of Danao. Karansa is a word that is native to the place that means dancing to the beat and becoming light to the heavy energies of the world. And so, the people from Danao have become accustomed to the name Karansa and since then it has been celebrated with full force and glee in their happy hearts.

Apart from the festival, most Danawanons are famous also for being a good dancing potter while working. Danao is one of the places in Cebu who imports the best products made through pottery. This is one of the lucrative business people in Danao enjoys to do.

The Karansa festival is not just all about dancing and having fun, it is also an event hat involves people and the youth. The annual festivity will always hold a street dance by the Danawanons with colorful design of costumes and floats. It is one of the festivities in the place that makes Danao a gleaming place of colors and hues. A dance festival in Cebu like no other. The joy and happiness of Karansa Festival will always be celebrated with bright smiles and warm hearts in the people of Danao as they dance their way to the beat of prosperity and serenity.

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