Kaliga Festival in Gingoog

Kaliga Festival Gingoog City July Manobo Higaonon Culture Tradition Celebration Peoples Grandstand Oval Festivity Street Dancing Parade Pahayahay Competition Costume Schedule Calendar Event Harvest The Kaliga Festival is held annually at the People’s Grandstand in Gingoog City. This festival is held on the 23rd of July and is a colorful and joyous festival of abundance and prosperity, stems from the city’s Manobo and Higaonon roots, their culture and traditions through rituals and street dancing. Kaliga is a thanksgiving celebration of the Higaonon, meaning “to thank god” for all the blessings, bountiful harvest, successful hunting, expedition, installation of new chieftain, birth of a child and any recoveries from hardship and sickness. This Misamis Oriental event is held at the People’s Grandstand & Oval with schools participating in its festivities. The street dancing parade will commence at the Pahayahay area and will pass through the city’s major roads ending at the People’s Grandstand where the final tableau competition will take place.

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