Kahimunan Festival in Butuan

Kahimunan Festival ButuanThe Kahimunan Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January in celebration of the city patron Sr. Sto. Niño. This celebration is the version of the Sinulog festival of Cebu City. Kahimunan is a Lumad term which means “gathering”.
Cultural festival/tourism consciousness week is a long celebration that lasts from the last week of July up to August 2 in celebration of the Charter Day of Butuan.The Kahimunan is a traditional ritual performed by the natives before the start of the planting season, characterized by chanting, singing and playing accompanied by indigenous musical instruments such as the gimbor (drum), gong and bamboo instruments called Kalatong and Kotik.

For more information on this year’s festival, calendar dates, the latest schedule of events, festival location address, and the most current festival information, you may visit the official Butuan web site by clicking HERE.
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