JAC Liner Kamias Bus Terminal

JAC Liner Kamias Terminal Quezon CityThe JAC Liner Kamias bus terminal is located on EDSA in Metro Manila. The terminal is open 24 hours daily and buses arrive and depart round the clock at this location. Bus destinations at this terminal are Lucena City (Quezon Province), Mauban (Quezon Province), and Balibago (Santa Rosa, Laguna). The address of this bus terminal is 2 Mapagmahal Street, Barangay, Pinyahan, in Quezon City. Their telephone contact number is +63(2) 928-6140.

For almost two decades, JAC Liner Inc. has succeeded in staying ahead of its game; being one of the largest bus companies in the country en-route to Southern Tagalog destinations. Since 1990’s, the bus company has been unwavering in its endeavour to provide superior transport services to its passengers. In those two decades, JAC Liner Inc. never stopped growing and improving in order to provide their customers with quality service. At present, JAC Liner Inc. already has 160 bus units. The company has also recently started offering deluxe trips, apart from its ordinary and air-conditioned transport services. In years to come, JAC Liner Inc. will continue to grow and improve to serve better. JAC Liner Inc. is one of the largest bus companies in the Philippines serving the riding public en-route to Southern Tagalog provinces which includes key destinations in the provinces of Laguna, Batangas, Quezon and Marinduque.

JAC Liner Inc. carries an unbroken tradition of providing bus transport services in Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog region over the last 19 years. Through the entrepreneurial acumen, determination and sheer hard work of its founders, a vision was transformed into what the company is now: a thriving and expanding enterprise committed to provide superior transport services to the riding public. JLI’s beginnings started in April 1987 as a sole proprietorship operating a couple of old second hand buses along Alabang-Fairview route. A family-owned backyard lot was the repair shop and offices.

In 1988, JLI acquired 2nd hand buses from other bus operators. These were completely rehabilitated and made operational. May 1989, through the Bus Instalment Purchase Program (BIPP) and later the BOI-IPP, JLI purchased brand new buses. In the same year, JLI was also granted additional franchises along EDSA. March 1992 was a milestone in the company’s history when it was formally incorporated with the corporate name of JAC LINER, INC. In January 1994, JLI completely moved its operations to the Southern Tagalog regions, where, through its inherently superior services, it immediately established itself as one of the dominant and most trusted bus companies up to this day. The guiding precepts that JLI lives by in its day-to-day life are best expressed in the company’s statement of its vision and mission:

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