Iyusan Rice Terraces in Biliran

Iyusan Rice Terraces AlmeriaThe Iyusan Rice Terraces are a manmade agricultural landform and tourist attraction found on Biliran Island. About 45 minutes by car from Naval, the capital of Biliran Province, the Iyusan Rice Terraces brings to mind the more famous Banaue Rice Terraces – rice production knowledge handed down for generations. Located in Barangay Iyusan, Almeria, the Iyusan Rice Terraces are nestled on a mountainous terrain where each terrace threads on its natural slope. While definitely not in the scale of the more famed Ifugao model, the development of the land shows how creativity can express harmony between humankind and the environment. The rice terraces, likewise, showcases the industrious nature of the local farmers and the wise use of Biliran’s land resources which are predominantly rugged and mountainous. This has made the province self-sufficient in rice with Biliran having recorded the highest yield per hectare in palay production among the six provinces in the Eastern Visayas region.

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