Itbayat Island, Batanes

Itbayat Island BatanesItbayat Island is actually a giant uplifted coral reef, and research claims it’s one of the world’s largest. This is why the island doesn’t have a shoreline and the texture of the cliffs does resemble a giant coral. Itbayat Island has the Sarokan Cave, the orchids that abound in the island to discover and the burial caves to see. It is four hours away by Falowa from Basco Seaport. The island is surrounded by massive boulders and cliffs rising from 20-70 meters above sea level. Shaped like a giant bowl; it is the least visited island of the province. It has no beach and no pier. It has a newly improved airstrip and a “regular ferry” runs the Batan-Itbayat route. Today, Sky Pasada regulary flies from Basco every Monday and Wednesday. Y’AMI – is the northernmost island of Batanes where one can see Taiwan on a clear day. “Tatus” or coconut crabs abound in the island, which is surrounded by rich marine life.

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