Isla de Gigantes in Iloilo

Isla Gigantes Iloilo Carles Estancia Island Norte Sur Giant Balbagon Cabugao Daku Gamay Waydahon Bantique Bulubadiang Gigantillo Gigantona Ojatras Gakitgakit Sabuluag Location Coffin Cave Beach Resort Isla de Gigantes is located 18 kilometers off the coast of Carles and Estancia of Iloilo Province. Isla de Gigantes it is divided into two groups: Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur, and is composed of 10 islands: Balbagon, Cabugao Daku, Cabugao Gamay, Waydahon, Bantigue, Bulubadiang, Gigantillo, Gigantona, Ojatras and Gakitgakit Island. Isla de Gigantes was once called Sabuluag, but during the Spanish era, legends say that coffins found inside the caves contained giant bone set, that’s why the name of the island was changed to Islas de Gigantes. Today, giants are nowhere to be seen in the place. All that is left is a pristine beaches and interesting system of caves. The most famous part of Isla de Gigantes is the Tangke Salt Water Lagoon, a natural salt water pool, surrounded by steep rock formation. Just don’t be loud when visiting the place, because locals believed that engkantos and spirits protect the area.

The main form of transportation on this island is the motorcycle, and locals are used to tourists needing a ride. If you see any person riding alone in the direction that you need to go, you can flag them down and hitch a “habal-habal” ride for P10.

To get to Isla de Gigantes, from Manila, fly to Roxas City, Capiz. From there, take the ordinary bus to Estancia Port in Carles, Iloilo for P75 per person. If you’re traveling in a group, you can rent a van to the port for P2,500. The ride will take between one and two hours. From Estancia Port, it’s just a short bangka ride to the Gigantes Islands.


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