Intramuros in Manila

Intramuros Manila walled City history spaniards construction architecture map layout brick wall fort location tour guide size address spain fortress street colonial house purpose origin repair Intramuros is a walled city located in Manila, and is the most visible remnant of the Spanish domination in the Philippines. Bbuilt by the Spaniards during the 16th century, it features a spacious borough of wide streets, leafy plazas and lovely colonial houses, the old walled city of Intramuros was the centrepiece of Spanish Manila. The Spanish replaced the original wooden fort with stone in 1590, and these walls stand almost as much as they were 400 years ago. Although most of the structures were destroyed during World War II, restoration was done in the 1980’s. The word “Intramuros” means “walled city” in Spanish and for many years, this location has become the silent witness of the Spanish Administration in the Philippines. Within Intramuros reside two of the most prominent churches in the country, the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church. The 64-hectare stone citadel, founded by the Spanish in 1571, has survived wars, natural disasters and consecutive waves of colonial invaders, and as a result stands as a metaphor for Manila itself.



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