Iloilo Province

IloiloIloilo is located in the center of the Philippine archipelago. Strategically located 283 statute miles from Manila, it is the gateway to the flourishing region that is Western Visayas. The province comprises the southeastern part of Panay Island.

Discover Iloilo, a province rich in historical and cultural attractions, home of the famous Dinagyang festival (every 4th weekend of January), stately mansions, majestic century-old churches, unspoiled countrysides and exotic delicacies.

Savor the hospitality in Iloilo’s numerous accommodation facilities and restaurants. They come in various classes depending on the guest’s taste and budget. Whether you stay in first class rooms or in budget ones, the Ilonggos (people of the province) make sure that your stay is pleasant, memorable and safe. They make sure that you’re well-fed, too.

Take home antiques, handicrafts, art pieces and a thousand and one other souvenir items. Some of the finest sinamay and jusi (banana fiber) and piña (pineapple fiber) embroidery are found in Iloilo at reasonable prices.

Outdoor life includes a visit to the oldest golf course in the Philippines at Sta. Barbara, offshore fishing, scuba or skin diving, water skiing and swimming. The more adventurous can witness and bet on cockfights on sundays.

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