The Ibanag Culture

IbanagThe Ibanag (Ibannag) people are concentrated in the towns of Tuguegarao (43004), Solano (18,172), Cabagan (30,883), and Ilagan (27,170) in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela. The total population is in the range of 311,187 (NSO 1990). The dialect groups are: (1) north Ibanag and (2) south Ibanag. They are related to the neighboring but less dominant Itawit and Malaweg. The Ibanag originally inhabited the areas about the mouth of the Cagayan River. In historic times (1850-1900) they moved up river and gradually influenced the cultures of older ethnic elements in the south like the Itawit, Isinay, and Ga’dang. The language became the lingua franca for commerce. Later, Ilocano cultural influences (185-01897) were incorporated as tobacco growers also affected the cultures of these groups.

The culture is basically lowland technology with the cultivation of rice and corn with tobacco and cotton as cash crops. Some upland farming of rice is practiced. The culture is heavily influenced by the migration of Ilocano into the Cagayan Valley.

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