The Hospital Cave in Bulacan

Hospital Cave Biak Bato National Park San Miguel Bulacan Cavern Guerillas Trinidad Tecson Katipunan Location Hiding Spot Battle War Stalactite Entrance Size Length Width Hiking Trail Tour Guide Info Hospital Cave is located within the Biak-na-bato National Park in San Miguel, Bulacan Province. This cave got its name because it was used as the hospital by the guerillas during war, the injured soldiers would stay in that cave to either die or get better. This is where Trinidad Tecson, the mother of Biak Na Bato, worked her magic. She gave her biggest contribution to Katipunan by nursing those who faltered in the battle field. Inside the cave are stalactites hanging from its ceiling. The cave was a burial place because human bones have been found inside the cavern. The Hospital Cave is generally safe to inexperienced visitors and may also be utilized for economic purposes such as guano extraction and edible birds nest collection. Some of the passages to where you can head out were so narrow you have to walk on your sides. Open to inexperienced cavers. The Hospital Cave is located approximately two and a half hours away by land from Manila.

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