Gota Beach in Caramoan

Gota Beach CaramoanGota beach is an exciting jump-off point for an island hopping day. The famous beach is a 30-minute drive from Caramoan proper, blessed with fine white beaches and limestone cliffs perfect for a rock-climbing experience. One of the most accessible beaches from the town Proper, Gota beach has graced countless tourism-related shows and magazines. Current government efforts of Camarines Sur has seen its immense potential and thus included it and other nearby islands in the proposed tourism zone. In the company of mother nature. Most island beaches are still uninhabited and seldom visited, but secrets as good as these can’t be hidden for long. Backpackers camping for the night enjoy the relative solitude of the beaches. Celebrate the beauty of life in these fine white beaches beside majestic limestone and marble mountains and take an exciting boat trip to exotic island coves nearby.

As its name implies, Gota is located in a small cove situated in the northwest portion of the resort area. It has two beaches along the coast and are separated by a small limestone hill. The Gota east side beach has an approximate area of 5,000 square meters. On the west side of the hill is called the Gota west beach which has an approximate area of 4,000 square meters. One can certainly enjoy the fine to medium, brownish gray sand from the erosion of the sandstones.

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