Ginubat Festival in Gubat

Gubat SorsogonThe word Ginubat is an old Bicol word which if translated means raided. Ginubat Festival is celebrated in Gubat, Sorsogon. This old town of Sorsogon was one of the many places in Bicol which were frequently raided by Moro pirates who would come to loot and burn houses. Women were raped and people were taken as captives. Downplaying this dark history, the people of Gubat, Sorsogon chose to associate the word ginubat with their folk story of a time where their shores were frequently raided by giant fishes. Many people were alarmed by this phenomenon but nonetheless, they celebrated the bounties that came with the appearance of large fishes on their shores. Many people actually believe that this is how the town got its name. Nowadays, this festival is celebrated during the second week of June. It is also during this time that the town celebrates its fiesta. Accordingly, street dancing highlights the event.

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