Fort Bonifacio Global City

The Fort Taguig ManilaThe Fort Bonifacio Global City, also known simply as ‘The Fort’, is a highly urbanized district in Taguig City in Metro Manila. Bonifacio, south-east of Manila, a large real estate investment marketed as Bonifacio Global City, is actually a former American Fort built during the American colonial period that served as a detention centre for dissidents under the Marcos regime.

Fort Bonifacio was a specified territory of Hacienda Maricaban during the early Spanish era. The US government acquired this 25.78 square kilometer property within the area of dispute between Taguig and Pateros to be transformed for military purposes during the American period. The area was named in honor of US President William McKinley in 1902, paving the way for Fort McKinley. Eventually, it was handed over to the Philippine government on May 14, 1946. Fort McKinley became the permanent headquarters of the Philippine Army in 1957. It was renamed as Fort Andres Bonifacio to honor the heroism of revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio.

During the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, it was renamed as simply Fort Bonifacio and transferred its jurisdiction to Makati. But in 1993, Taguig got jurisdiction of Fort Bonifacio. The following years saw developments within Fort Bonifacio. The Bonifacio Land Development Corporation, a consortium led by Metro Pacific, became successful as BCDA’s partner in the development of Bonifacio Global City (BCG).

When the base was turned back to the Philippine Government, there was a big opportunity to develop from scratch a huge parcel of land, located in the middle of the city, and near the established business district of Makati. This opportunity was turned into reality with a masterplan that resulted in most advanced and most liveable city of Manila, now commonly referred as “The Fort”. The Fort is a rich district with a high number of skyscrapers, many of which are still under construction and or planned to be built in the future. The Fort is home to upscale residential condominiums and office buildings, trendy restaurants, bars, clubs, and retail outlets, and major shopping center.

MTV Philippines and other global corporations, as well as information technology and business process outsourcing companies, are based in The Fort, and it has become a second-tier Central Business District (CBD) gaining increasingly more advantages over its main rival in the Metro Manila area: Makati City.

Bonifacio Global City is packed with major city-life attractions that make it an urban friendly destination to explore and live in. Major shopping centers, trendy restaurants, and retail shops attract daily customers such as The Shops at Serendra, The Fort Square, The Fort Strip, Ayala Land’s Market! Market! and SM Aura Premier under SM Prime Holdings as part of the Bonifacio Civic Center. The civic center also features a Convention Center and Trade Hall that serves the community of Taguig City. SM lifestyle Mall that houses the fourth IMAX theatre in the Philippines recently opened in the area. Investors are swarming the district area to be part of the notable expansion of Bonifacio Global City.

St. Luke’s Medical Center consists of a 16-story hospital building with 600 patient beds and an 11-storey medical arts building with 374 doctor’s clinic and 10 institutes formally opened in 2009. Just adjacent to Market! Market!, another developments will pave way for the opening of a coliseum and convention center built by Northshore Holdings, Inc., as well as Taguig City administration to open on a 35,000 square meter site.

The groundbreaking of Shangri-La at the Fort took place in 2008 under the Shangri-La Hotel Group. In 2014, Shangri-La at the Fort will become a 60-storey mixed used landmark with 577 hotel guestrooms, 97 hotel residences and 96 luxury condominiums located along Fifth Avenue. Nearby, the new headquarters of the Philippine Stock Exchange is expected to be completed in 2016. First-class residential condominiums such as Serendra, Facific Plaza Towers, Essensa, One McKinley Place, The Luxe Residences, Bonifacio Ridge Twin Towers and Regent Parkway, along with other corporate office buildings like Net One and Bonifacio Technology Center can be found in the area. Moving into new permanent location, foreign embassies transferred from Ayala Avenue in Fort Bonifacio to Global City’s center in 2008. To counter traffic problem and allow efficient traffic circulation, the master plan of Fort Bonifacio was recently updated.
Points of Interest in Bonifacio Global City

Lifestyle in Bonifacio Global City or simply “The Fort” seems exciting and inspiring these days. As one of the centers of business, trade and development in the country, it boasts modern-living attractions such as high rise buildings, shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants and landmarks. With the demanding metropolis lifestyle, real estate business flourished in the city to create and offer comfortable home to its residents, business investors and even visitors. Making business and living altogether is an attractive life in this progressive city.

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