The Etapuan and Manenchen Settlement Sites

Etapuan Manenchen Early Settlement Sites Kabayan Benguet tribe location history inhabitant residence remnants settlers ancestors land farm province house structure evidence road layout map attraction The Etapuan and Manenchen early settlement sites are located in Kabayan in Benguet Province. Known as the early settlement of the first inhabitants of the place, it is claimed that remnants of the early settlers are still visible. Old folks also claimed that Manenchen was massacre site during the WW II hence tagged as “killing fields”. Research iS needed to validate and document these stories.Benguet Province. The Etapuan and Manenchen early settlement sites are a potential man-made attraction of the municipality of Kabayan. Kabayan is 355 kilometers north of Manila. From Baguio City, Kabayan is 85 kilometers northeast travelling through the Baguio-Ambuclao-Bokod-Kabayan Road. Taking the Halsema Highway, then following the Abatan-Buguias-Kabayan Road, the town can be reached after covering a distance of 118 kilometers.


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