Duman Festival in Santa Rita

Duman Festival Santa Rita PampangaThe renowned annual celebration of Duman Festival in Santa Rita, Pampanga started in the year 2002 at Pigulut, Santa Monica. This festivity is organized yearly by ArtiSta Rita Foundation, Inc., an institution founded by a group of locals and Mr. Andy Alviz, director of ArtiSta Rita and resident choreographer of Miss Saigon Manila. In the past years, the festival is being held at the church patio of Pisamban Maragul (Santa Rita De Cascia Parish Church) to accommodate a bigger audience. The celebration has turned into a culinary expo of the Kapampangans, more particularly, of the Riteñan. The church patio showcases Pampango noche buena fare with homegrown dishes like biringhe, tamales, halayang ube, suman, bibingka, puto bungbong, turones de casoy, sanzrival, and duman. It is also a great platform that boasts the Kapampangan talent thru the exquisite performances of ArtiSta Rita.This merriment is dedicated most especially to the farmers for their hard work and unity, virtues that define our people and give life to the town. Duman Festival is being held every 1st Saturday of December, since 2002.

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