How to Get to Boac

Boac MarinduqueJAC, JAM, Tritran, Lucena Lines and South Star Bus companies service the Manila – Lucena route. Choose specific buses that bring passengers to Talao-Talao Pier. Brgy, Talao-talao, in Lucena City. (Tip: look for “Talao-Talao/Dalahican Pier” signboard on their front windshield or inquire from bus conductor).

There are door-to-door van transport service mostly Besta, L-300. Hi-Ace and MBenz vans that pick you up directly from your Metro manila residence and bring you all the way directly to Talao-Talao Pier in Dalahican, Lucena City or direct Marinduque destination. Phone Nos. 646-4717, 713-5310, 741-1233 and 801-6347; all are with telephone area code (02) for Metro Manila.

From Talao-Talao Pier, passengers bound for Mogpog, Boac, Gasan or Buenavista must choose Balanacan Pier while passengers bound for Sta. Cruz and Torrijos may choose Buyabod Pier. It is also possible to bring your car, van, trucks and buses to Marinduque through the roll-on, roll-off ferries servicing the same sea route. (Tip: vehiches are loaded on first come, first serve basis, also bring photo copy of OR & CR of vehicle).

From Balanacan Pier, aircon FX vans and regular passenger jeepneys take you to your local hotel or residence. From Buyabod Pier, tricycles and jeeps are available to take you to Sta. Cruz poblacion while aircon vans and regular jeeps are available for Torrijos-bound passengers.

JAC Liner plies the Manila-Marinduque-Manila Direct Route daily, call (02) 404-2073, Manila for schedule, reservation and booking.

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