How to Get to Bataan

Bataan MapLand transportation is provided by three bus companies: The Philippine Rabbit and Pantranco Bus Liner ply the Bataan-Manila route while the Victory Liner services the Bataan-Olongapo route. An array of mini-buses, jeepneys, and tricycles fill the gaps in the intermunicipal road with Balanga as the Terminal point. Mini buses enroute for Manila, Olongapo, and San Fernando, Pampanga are also available in the capital town.

Travel by air is yet very limited. Bataan has no modern airport, only low standard airstrips and helipads are available to government and private airplanes and helicopters. There are 5 industrial enterprises that have that have these airstrips for their usage. These are the Bataan Pulp and Paper Mills, Inc. in Samal; Bataan Export Processing Zone and Landoil Multinational Village both in the town of Mariveles and Petrophil in Limay.

Travel by sea-Bataan waters are navigable by both inter-island and international vessels to and from the province. Four (4) national, one (1) municipal, and (4) private piers are serving and accommodating vessels transporting gppds and passengers in and out of the province. Passenger vessels consist of a ferry boat “Overcraft” with three trips plying to and from Mariveles and Manila and EPZA 1 which ferry EPZA quests. Dicking point is at BASECO, Port of Mariveles. Because of the short distance to Corregidor, passengers prefer to travel by boat at a convenience as well as view the historical place.

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