How to Get to Basilan

Malamawi Beach Basilan

Zamboanga City is the main gateway to Basilan Island which lies 17 nautical miles (narrowest point of the Basilan Strait) due north. If you’re from Manila or Cebu, take a flight to Zamboanga City then take a jeepney bound for Canelar and walk towards the port. From there, a boat ride of 1 hour and 45 mins (for conventional passenger ferries), or 1 hour (for a fast craft), will take you to Isabela and Lamitan. The fare ranges from Php20 (student and senior citizen’s discounted fare on some conventional ferries) to P70 (first-class w/ aircon). Fast craft usually charge P140 for ordinary and P170 w/ aircon.

Isabela-Zamboanga-Isabela Route (1 hr, 30 mins)
Lamitan-Zamboanga-Lamitan Route (1 hr, 30 mins)
Maluso-Jolo-Maluso Route (6 hours)
Terminal fee is 11 pesos in Zamboanga City and 4 pesos in Isabela port.

How to Get to Basilan by Air and Boat:

Take a flight bound for Zamboanga City. From there, take any land transportation towards Zamboanga Port in Gov. Lim Avenue. Ferry boats and single-hull fastcrafts here travel towards Basilan, docking at Port of Isabela or at Port Holland in Maluso, Basilan. Travel time is estimated between 45 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes.

How to Get to Basilan by Sea:

Commercial ferry boats travel to Zamboanga City. Travel time from Manila to Zamboanga City is 29 hours, estimated. Ferry boats and single-hull fastcrafts at Zamboanga Port travel towards Basilan.


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