Dinadiawan Beach Dicadi Highway Aurora

Dinadiawan Beach Dicadi Highway Aurora location view pacific ocean forest sierra madre Mountain range rock formation shoreline Waterfalls agri resort rock sand baler location distance swimming info Dinadiawan Beach is located along the Dicadi Highway, and two hours away from Baler, in Aurora Province. Dinadiawan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Aurora, with a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean, the lush, diverse forests of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and the rock formation along the shoreline. And, Dinadiawan Beach is resort-free. Near the Dinadiawan Beach is the Dinadiawan Waterfalls, the Dinadiawan Agri Resort, and the Rock and Sand Beach Resort. To get to Dinadiawan Beach, take a private vehicle from Baler town proper and use the Dicadi highway to drive north. Travel Time: Four hours


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