Dilumacad Island in El Nido

Dilumacad Island in El Nido Palawan HelicopterDimalucad Island is El Nido’s fascinating snorkeling center of Palawan. The island gain popularity for its helicopter-like resemblance on an aerial view. Dimalucad also known as Helicopter Island stretches about 300-meter white sand, ideal for family picnics. Helicopter Island has an underwater subway that extends from north to south. In fact, the southern end of Dimalucad is marking off with beds of coral. The spectacular limestone cliffs and tortoise water is superb for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Tourists are highly recommended to carry extra paraphernalia for swimming. Distilled waters sand extra shirts are also suggested. Be equipped and plunge into the glittering seascape of El Nido. Pristine beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and just relaxing. Water is crystal clear and warm, and rich in coral and marine life. Many fish species populate the waters around the island and sea turtles are frequently seen. Eagles can be seen making their eyrie atop the towering cliffs on the island. Monitor lizards also make this island their home.

Maybe what this island is best known for is an impressive cave dive that can be found on the north side. The entrance is wide enough for two divers to enter together and a 15-20 meters tunnel leads to the center cavern. The bottom of the cavern is sandy where small fish and crabs can be seen. The way out is narrower and only one diver can exit the 10 meters tunnel at a time. It will bring you out to a rocky area some 20 meters from the entrance and you may see larger fish here.

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