The Dilasag Coast in Aurora

Dilasag Coast Aurora Province Beach Tariktik Point Bonsai Canawer White Sand North Forest Hills Cliff Highway Road Coastline Location Picnic Snorkeling Swimming Hiking Retreat Reunion Size Landscape The Dilasag Coast in Aurora Province is known for its vast stretches of white sandy beaches. The Dilasag coast is located at the northernmost area of Aurora, and offers a sirene landscape of beach with forests, hills, and cliffs. Its undeveloped features and natural attractions offer tourists the sensation of discovering something new and unspoiled. Canawer Beach is the most popular destination for picnics, reunions and retreats. Inaccessible to most transportation, Dilasag Coast is a true getaway. Tariktik Point is also nearby and is known for its bonsai vegetation. Dilasag is located 400 kilometers north of Manila. It is a scenic drive on rough roads.

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